Planning has already begun!

The annual Costello School Fair is on SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 2018!

If you have any ideas for rooms, games, or are interested in being a Fair Room Chair, please contact Lauren Henderson.


Fair Basket Coordinator: We have an open position! We are looking for one or two volunteers to help with the Costello Fair in March. These people would take on OR help with the Fair Baskets going forward.

Fair Basket Details:
- November - February - send out emails with instructions on baskets and due dates
- End of February - arrange for tables to be set-up in front hallway
- March - verify all baskets have been brought in, and sell tickets for 2 WEEKS before fair
- Day of Fair - sell tickets; run drawings during the fair (with PTO help)

If you are interested please contact our PTO President:

Fair Chair(s): We are looking for one or even two people to be the main person for the Costello Fair.  Mrs. Henderson is doing a great job but before you know it her children will be all grown up and will be off to Larson. Come the 2019/2020 School year she would like to have someone to start shadowing her so she can help them if they have questions.  If you are interested please contact our PTO President: